Movements are created by people based off their individual experiences or injustices that they have witnessed. I created the Stand with Karen movement due to the injustices I feel councilmember Karen Macedonio of California City, CA. has and is being subjected to from other members of the City Council. I am not the only person to feel this way.

As a resident and an active voice in our community, I have spoken up numerous times with no satisfactory resolve to the concerns. I believe in good governance, which transparency and accountability are components of. If you see something say something, they say.

Because I am concerned with the treatment our only female and oldest city council member has received on multiple occasions, I must shed light on the issues and increase awareness to the public at large.

I am confident once you read the details of all the incidents you too will come away with something not feeling right.

The movement aims to build momentum that creates real-world results and can function as a driving force behind the justice we seek. Thru various outreach methods our goal is to reach the entire community and key decision-makers that have the power to stop this treatment councilmember Macedonio is receiving while seeking justice for her.

But that’s not even the most powerful way that the SWK movement can bring forth change. When the community and like-minded people come together, the collaboration and discussion that starts can help the entire cause evolve for the better. New people who join the movement bring their perspectives and ideas, helping further crystallize the core message and ensure that the goals being pursued are in the community’s best interest.

The movement will evolve as each day goes by and more people tell others about this. The city is suing councilmember Macedonio, and the public should not take this lightly as these are some serious allegations against her.

Please tell your neighbors and friends in California City, CA about this movement and website so they can see what is going on. I for one am committed to defending Karen against the city to the very end while seeking accountability for her accusers and any other potential participants.



"Join me in taking a stand, by speaking up and alerting the community. United we stand!"

Shawn Bradley - Resident & Community Activist