Read the latest news on the Stand with Karen Movement here. News posts will be added frequently throughout the milestones of the Movement and include news such as events, updates on the two ongoing incidents, amongst other things.

Latest News

Shawn to Make SWK Community Announcement at the May 9th City Council Meeting

May 5, 2023, CALIFORNIA CITY, CA - Shawn has committed to making a community announcement during this upcoming Tuesday's City Council meeting to alert the community about the movement and the importance of it to our community. Shawn states that this is one of the many ways of outreach to the residents of the city that he will be pursuing, confirming that justice for the actions against councilmember Karen Macedonio and accountability in this all, is the main goal of the movement.

The Residents Must Know - This is Your Council

May 6, 2023, CALIFORNIA CITY, CA - Since December 2022, when the two newly elected city councilmembers and mayor were seated, the city has gone through some interesting times in such a short time span. Public concerns over decisions made on the spending of ARPA funds, treatment towards councilmember Macedonio, appointment of positions, and other situations. The public needs to be made aware of their decisions by vote because it does affect many of us if not all in the community in various ways. Some residents have been left questioning this city council, especially the newly elected councilmembers and mayor, who maintain the majority on the council by votes, for decisions they made on agenda items the public have spoken out about, with their concerns. This is about more than just what is happening to councilmember Macedonio. When the public sees what is happening, the hope is that they become more actively involved in the city government and what's happening in the city based on the decisions of those we elect to office.

From Resident to Resident - Awareness in Process

May 7, 2023, CALIFORNIA CITY, CA - Telling your friends, family, and neighbors in the community about what is happening to councilmember Macedonio, then them telling others, significantly spreads awareness in the community rapidly just by word of mouth alone. Please help us spread awareness by telling others about the situation and, as time is limited, justice is needed, and awareness is critical.



"Join me in taking a stand, by speaking up and alerting the community. United we stand!"

Shawn Bradley - Resident & Community Activist