United We Stand!

There is strength in union, and we are much more likely to succeed when we stand together towards a common goal. After you read the details of the incidents and ongoing updates pertaining to councilmember Macedonio, I hope you are just as concerned as I am. The common goal is seeking justice for what she is being put through and demanding accountability. United we stand!

In all the incidents affecting the council member, I going to show you what the city and three members of council claim and say, then show you my findings with compelling evidence aka exhibits, for any use as needed in councilmember Macedonio’s defense. My own dispute towards the claims. I am even willing to go to court in her defense, so that I can explain my disputes to the claims by the city against her to the court.

I believe the actions by the city against councilmember Macedonio is excessive and alarming to democracy and what it stands for. It is we the people who maintain power over government when we stand united as a community seeking good governance which is free of corruption and abuse of power. The city organization chart has the people above council. They are meant to serve us.

I also believe many in the community are not aware of what is happening at city hall and the decisions being made that affect us all in some way. They say if you see something say something. So, here I am.

Many of us in the community in 2020 voted for councilmember Karen Macedonio. From my experience and opinion, I have seen a woman who has demanded answers and served the citizens just as good as any other councilmember past and present. Her heart and the sincere desire to see our city succeed is commendable. How can a councilmember who has served the past two years be free of incidents, but now suddenly does since the two newly elected council members and mayor were sworn in, in December 2022? It all started on day one with the first incident, Mayor Pro Tempore. Then from there, the incidents started rolling in one after another. This is concerning on many levels and for me this is much greater than just what councilmember Macedonio is being subjected to by specific people.

The city is currently suing her for monetary damages and anything else the court sees fit pertaining to a Brown Act Violation. Yes, that’s right folks they are suing a 70+ year old female councilmember. I don’t understand their purpose, but I have my own assumption on why. I am also concerned about what I find to be some misleading facts from the city’s complaint they filed with the court. Their complaint is simple in written form along with their presented exhibits. My exhibits are in written form and/or video form.

Councilmember Karen Macedonio doesn’t deserve this treatment. Help spread awareness of the movement. Participate in Call to Actions or Sign the Petition(s). United we stand! Stand with Karen!



"Join me in taking a stand, by speaking up and alerting the community. United we stand!"

Shawn Bradley - Resident & Community Activist